Sunday, March 17, 2013

Consolidating Your Student Loans

Student loans are just as burdensome as any other loan and in some cases students have several loans taken out in order to pay for college. This is where student loan debt consolidation comes in with a plan of consolidating all of an individual's student loans into one manageable loan.

You need to get your facts by researching various places before you apply for one of these consolidation loans. Only certain types of loans can be consolidated under this type of loan and you will need to check. You cannot include loans such as credit cards, loans from family members, or automobile loans in the student loan consolidation.

The obvious benefits to consolidating a student loan are that there will be a single payment, probably a lower payment, and one fixed interest rate. The fixed interest rate is especially attractive because this helps a person set up a budget easier. Of course the drawback to a fixed interest rate in this type of loan is that you may not be able to take advantage of future drops in interest rates if they occur.

Another drawback to student loan debt consolidation is the length of the term. It could be that you end up paying this loan longer than you would have otherwise and in the end pay more total interest. So be careful to get all of the data about your student loan debt consolidation loan before you sign the agreement..

Finally, you need to determine if consolidation is really for you before doing it. It may be that you want to pay off the loan faster as student debt consolidation loans tend to stretch out longer. But for most it is an attractive way to get your payments down and manage your student loan debt


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