Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Applying for a student loan

The student loan application process is not as difficult as it sounds. Although it can be done through a bank or credit union, it is best to do it directly from the educational institution. Once the application for admission is accepted, the next step is at the financial aid office. The personnel know the most direct and simplest methods of securing funds. When the aid request is sent directly from the school, the letterhead ensures the quickest response.

Once a person has an acceptance letter, the financial aid office can offer a list of various sources to pay for the education. Prior to entering this office, be sure to have as much of the background paperwork with you. These include your tax returns for the previous year as well as those of your parents. A parent or guardians income is usually considered unless the student is married or has been living separately for a period of time exceeding twelve months.

Three primary factors will determine the path decided upon for securing funds. These are; student’s status, financial needs, and grade point from high school. The student’s status refers to full or part-time. The course of study also comes into play because of special fees associated with certain scholastic paths such as lab or equipment needs. A prospective students high school grade point will help determine the student’s eligibility for grants and scholarships. The financial needs will consider the prospective student as well as parents and/or spousal income as well.

For any form of financial aid, ensure enough time is allowed for a response. Most institutions suggest at least an eight-week lead-time. The  earlier one applies, the better the chances of securing the necessary funds in time to start class at the beginning of the semester.


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